The Packaging Police! Raising the Alarm About Poison Plastics

Remember the days when you could buy a simple cable without any packaging? Or a light bulb in a cardboard container, or nearly any other product that did not require super human strength to open?  To the surprise of most people, this scourge of “clam shell packaging”, is not only crowding landfills, clogging oceans, and […]

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PVC Packaging – gone by 2015??

Assemblywoman Julia Brownley of Santa Monica has written a proposed law that would ban PVC packaging by the year 2015. The clamshell packaging with super sharp edges is not just a pain to open, it often contains lead and cadmium which are harmful to human health, as well as the environmental damage through the leaching […]

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Two steps forward…

one step back We all know we should use these “low energy” light bulbs, even if they look a little funny, we use them because we love the earth. We’ve heard the hype (direct from the ge website): • Save $36-$59 on energy bills over the life of the bulb • Last 8-10 times longer […]

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