This site is about plastic, its shocking overuse and the hangover on our environment. Founded by concerned artist Kimberly Brooks, the site’s contributors are fellow artists and people of the earth who felt like pointing something out or had something to say.

Kimberly Brooks
Artist / Activist / Pissed Off Mom

Kimberly is an artist based in Venice, California and writes a weekly column for the Huffington Post. She has two kids and regularly feels as though she were standing in front of the Hoover Damn of plastic products and toys attempting to overtake her house and life. She would like to leave the planet in a more than decent standing.

Jessica Thompson
Artist / New Media Enthusiast & Information Junkie

Jessica Thompson lives and works as a New Media Artist in Venice, CA. In her spare time she does photography, reads, teaches, and joins in on animal rights campaigns, whose solicitations overflow her mailbox. She has hope that a sustainable lifestyle is possible, and believes that internet will play a vital role in ‘greening’ the planet.

Shawna Robins
Defender of the Voiceless/ Lover of Travel
Shawna is a writer by trade, traveler by heart and mom by day and night. She takes on all good fights that need fighting for, even on the playgrounds or in internet blogs. She loves to relax with a book, or take a bath, or a sunset beach walk. Who could blame her? She has traveled around the world and was inspired by the human spirit and moved by the struggle of women and children that she saw.

Amanda Brauer
Designer / Former Plastic Bottle Addict

Amanda is an avid sudoku player and thrift store enthusiast. She believes to have a greater impact on this world she should have less of one.

Ellen Caldwell
Art Critic/Activist/Invested Citizen
Ellen Caldwell is an art historian and critic born and raised in LA. She writes, researches, teaches, paints, and loves living between the Santa Monica Mountains and the Pacific. Always opting on the side of swimming when at the beach, she hopes this remains a safe and renewing option for future generations.

Loid Lars
International Jet-Setter / Singularity Activist

Plastic water bottles are so last century! Instant waste purifying Canteens will become the must have fashion accessory for the coming Water Wars®.



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