While most environmentally conscious people know that no purchase, especially from SaveOn, is without it’s consequences, in the case of Oil of Olay, they’ve found a surprising way to keep the price down, and still get those spa results. The latest incarnation of Olay products, an ancient in the world of new beauty, are shower cleansers that make your skin feel like velvet. Sadly, rather then using salt, pumice, or other organic substances to exfoliate your skin, Oil of Olay uses teeny tiny pieces of plastic. These teeny tiny plastic pieces wash right down the drain, straight through the sewage filtration systems, and into the oceans.

If you have not heard already, our oceans are CLOGGED with plastic. Proctor and Gamble spokesmen say essentially “this stuff is so small, it’ll barely make a dent.” I am paraphrasing of course, but it’s smallness in this case is the whole point. Recent reports suggest that there may be 46, 000 pieces of plastic per square mile in our oceans. Not only does plastic in our oceans irreparably harm and kill sea life, it also makes its way back into the food chain as it’s ingested by the sea animals we eat. This plastic broken down into its smallest form is being linked by researchers to a number ghastly diseases and health problems such as prostate cancer, diabetes, obesity, low fertility rates, and birth defects, to name a few.

Thanks to Proctor and Gamble they’re making new products with micro plastics ready to go, no need to wait for the sun and the elements to do their work. They’ll just flow out to the sea right under our noses, ready to be caught and cooked up in your next bucket of steamed clams. I guess the new catch phrase could be “You eat what you wash with?”

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