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We all know we should use these “low energy” light bulbs, even if they look a little funny, we use them because we love the earth. We’ve heard the hype (direct from the ge website):
• Save $36-$59 on energy bills over the life of the bulb
• Last 8-10 times longer than standard bulbs
and most appealing to the green of heart…
• Use up to 75% less energy – and using less energy means less pollution is generated

So why on earth is it so overly wrapped in this crazy thick plastic??? When basically every piece of plastic ever created still exists…do we need our “green” products slathered with the stuff?

Get involved…there is a form letter in the comment section to this post — cut and paste, email away, and let them know you care!

**it’s also worth noting a new bill has passed in Congress relating to the use of these lightbulbs. Below is a Republican Congressman railing against the bill. I hate to admit that much of what he says does unveil the silliness by which our legislators are approaching very serious issues. You Decide!

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  • 1 Amanda Brauer // May 27, 2008 at 9:01 pm

    This web address will take you to the Feedback portion of the GE site. From there you just need to select a subject (innovation), choose a country, enter your email address and copy and past the following in the Comments portion of the form and fill in your name at the bottom.

    Let me begin by applauding GE’s dedication to combining an ecologically sound approach with corporate goals. As the third largest company in the world you set a wonderful example for the many companies that look to you for inspiration and innovation.

    The reason I am writing today is because I feel strongly that the excessive plastic used in packaging the energy smart light bulb does not align with your environmentally responsible approach.

    If I could be so bold I would like to suggest that instead of plastic packaging, opt for paper cartons. Not only is paper more easily recycled, but if printed with soy inks they are 100% biodegradable. Another solution, you could decidedly not package single light bulbs. By offering the consumer the option of buying 4 at a time, forcing the bulk buy, you would save the world nearly three quarters of the waste.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this email as this is a cause I care dearly about. I believe that GE has the means and will to make these changes and positively effect our environment.

    Thank you for your time,

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