Let’s Bring Back Glass!

ALERT GET RID OF THOSE PLASTIC BABY BOTTLES, is what I hear when NPR opens an interview with the following quote “Water bottles, baby bottles, and food cans, might cause cancer, early puberty, and neural and behavorial changes.” A new study and draft report by a Federal Health Agency, The National Toxicology Program, claims that a common chemical found in many plastics called B.P.A. may be altering human development, and the findings are serious and should not be dismissed. The really scary thing is when I did a search on toxicology and plastic on NPR this report was not the only one that came up. In fact there is also a link to obesity. Is it possible that while plastic has facilitated the great leap forward with medicine, it’s flip side is that the by-products are destroying our health? Touché! http://www.npr.org/search.php?text=toxicology+report+on+plasti

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